7 Investment Secrets You Need To Know

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Published June 30, 2018

Published June 30, 2018

"Ignore Rules of Thumb," Joshua Escalante Troesh, President, Purposeful Strategic Partners, shared.

"One of the most dangerous things for a retail investor is the proliferation of rules of thumb. They harm you by attempting to apply a one-size-fits-all portfolio which doesn't consider the unique situation of each person. Proper portfolio constructions consider the individual's retirement income needs, amount of Social Security benefit, the presence of a pension or other income, whether they have housing payments, the size of their portfolio. and many other highly personal factors."

Joshua Escalante Troesh is the President of Purposeful Strategic Partners and a tenured professor of Business at El Camino College. To explore working with him on your personal financial planning and investment advising needs, simply schedule a free Discover Meeting.

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