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Your Retirement

You only get one chance at retirement; make sure you are on track to have the retirement you always wanted. We guide clients between the two great sins in retirement planning: (1) running out of money before you run out of life and (2) leaving behind a big pile of money instead of memories.

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Your Assets Held at TD Ameritrade

Your Assets Held at TD Ameritrade

Retirement Planning Beyond Investments

Planning your retirement isn’t just about your portfolio — your advisor shouldn’t be solely focused on picking and managing your investments. We’ll guide you through:

  • defining Your Ideal Retirement and its cost

  • Determining your Required monthly retirement savings

  • Optimizing your 401(k) & Establishing Personal retirement accounts

  • Constructing & Managing Your Portfolio To Your Required Return

  • Minimizing Taxes Across Multiple Decades

  • Maximizing Social Security, Medicare, & Pension Benefits

  • Spending in retirement to maximize enjoyment without running out of money

Understanding Your Retirement

We believe retirement is about maximizing your retirement lifestyle, not maximizing your portfolio balance when you die. We begin by understanding and exploring your ideal retirement lifestyle and calculating what it will take to get there.

Exploring Your Ideal Retirement

We’ll guide you in exploring your unique desires for retirement and project a required annual budget to achieve the lifestyle you want.

Expense-Specific Inflation Projections

Inflation isn’t a convenient universal 3%. So we project inflation separately on your five major retirement expense categories: Housing, Healthcare, Food, Transportation, and Fun.

Retirement Navigator

We’ll chart your current course to retirement using your current retirement account balances, annual contributions, and portfolio allocations; and provide a customized analysis of your retirement readiness.

Monthly Contribution Recommendation

You need to save for retirement, but not to the detriment of today. We help clients to save what’s necessary to have a secure and fun retirement while not saving more than they need to.

Investing For Retirement

We utilize ultra-low-cost funds to invest in a mix of asset classes which react differently to economic and government conditions. We believe no one can predict the future, so we construct portfolios to optimize for return & risk regardless future market conditions. And we adjust your portfolio based on what has happened, not what we think might happen.

401(k) Optimization & Portfolio Advising

We advise on your entire portfolio, even the assets we don’t manage, to ensure all of your investments are working together to get you to your retirement goals. In fact, you’ll receive the same advising whether we manage your assets or not.

Establishing Individual Retirement Account

If you need to establish your own IRA accounts, we’ll set them up for you, advise on the investments, and integrate your traditional and Roth IRAs into your comprehensive portfolio.

Monte Carlo simulation & Sensitivity Analysis

To get you to your retirement goals, we use academically-proven statistical analysis to monitor your probability of success and adjust your plan. Monte Carlo Simulation projects thousands of potential futures for your portfolio to determine the probability and confidence bands of your plan’s success, and also measures sensitivity to changes in expected inflation, taxes, health costs, and other key factors.

Tax-Efficient Asset Location

Traditional tax-deferred accounts, Roth accounts, and standard table accounts each have unique tax profiles with advantages and disadvantages. We strategically weight your portfolio’s investments in each account type to minimize your lifetime taxes.

Investment Management

For clients who don’t want to deal with the busy-work of monitoring, managing, and adjusting their portfolio to keep it on strategy, we offer an optional Investment Management service to free you up to do the things you want to do.

Annual Analysis & Recommendations on:

  • Roth Conversions - Lowering your lifetime tax liability by filling up lower tax brackets today to avoid taxed later.

  • Rebalancing Bands - Bringing your portfolio back to your strategy when the market throws it out of whack.

  • Allocation Adjustments - Adjusting the Risk/Return Profile of your portfolio to match your changing life needs.

Claiming Social Security, Medicare, & Pensions

We help you maximize your lifetime benefits from Social Security, Medicare, and Pensions.

Social Security optimal Claiming Strategy

With over 700 different claiming strategies, Social Security can easily be a six-figure decision. We determine your optimal claiming strategy to maximize Social Security over your multi-decade retirement.

Medicare Claiming Strategy

We guide you in understanding and selecting Medicare plans. The ‘right’ Medicare option will depend on your health, your desire for travel, and your preference for predictability vs. potential lower-costs in healthcare expenses.

Claiming Pensions

If you have a pension, at retirement you must make a series of unchangeable choices in how you receive your pension benefit. We guide you in maximizing your benefits based on your unique circumstances. And rarely do we give the typical ‘advice’ to cash out the pension and let us manage the money. If you get this advice from another adviser, ask a lot of follow-up questions.

Spending in Retirement

You should live your legacy, not leave one. Our goal is to give you the confidence and peace-of-mind to spend on enjoying your retirement while you are healthy, knowing there is a plan to provide for your ‘older’ self.

Dynamic Withdrawal Strategy

We work to provide you with the maximum responsible annual withdrawals from your portfolio; using ongoing Monte Carlo Simulation and monitoring inflation, taxes, and other key factors that can put your financial security at risk.

Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Ordering

Our planning withdraws funds from your tax-deferred, Roth, and taxable accounts in an order that minimizes taxation. Your optimal strategy will depend on your lifetime tax brackets and your goals for your money during retirement and after you’re gone.

Living Your Legacy

You should leave your family with a pile of memories rather than money. We help you define the legacy you want to leave and spend your money living that legacy in retirement.


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