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Comprehensive Financial Planning

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“Without Purpose, money has no meaning. If your goal is to increase your wealth, at some point it just becomes a number on a piece of paper.” We are your guide and partner in focusing your financial life to build your great life, both now and in the future.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Fiduciary & Fee-Only

A plan only takes you so far. Through an ongoing planning process, I partner with clients to offer guidance, education, and accountability to help financial plans to be implemented and life goals to be achieved. Planning goes beyond investments and insurance to include advanced planning on taxes, retirement, affording college, and anything necessary to help you achieve your goals.

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Assets Held at TD Ameritrade

Assets Held at TD Ameritrade

Business 401(k) Option

Business 401(k) Option

For Your Family

Live your great life, both now and in the future. Financial planning helps you balance your goals for today (like kitchen remodels, a new car, or family vacations) with your goals for the future (like retirement or funding college education). Learn More

For Your Business

As a business owner, typical financial advice doesn’t always apply. Invest in your business and in your family with financial planning and business advice from a Tenured Business Professor who has helped hundreds of businesses start and grow. Learn More

For Your Employees

Provide valued employee benefits proven to increase company loyalty and employee productivity. Turn-key 401(k) and other retirement plans allow you to manage taxes, plan for the future, and attract better employees. And Financial Wellness Programs offer a differentiated employee benefit.

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My Philosophy


Financial Planning the right way


I believe financial planning should be a profession rather than an industry - that planners should act more like doctors than car salesmen. When you go to a doctor, you expect the best diagnosis for your health, not to be sold a product. The same should be true of your financial planner.


As a Registered Investment Adviser, I am held to the highest fiduciary standard in the industry. I am required by law to serve my clients' interests first in all aspects of planning and to fully disclose potential conflicts of interest. This isn't just a policy for me, it's a legal obligation.


As a fee-only financial planner, I only am compensated by my clients for my advice. I don't have the conflicts of interest which come  from compensation based on product sales, commissions, kickbacks, or other forms of hidden compensation. My loyalty is to my clients.


I take an integrated approach that considers your entire financial picture. Planning goes beyond investments and retirement to incorporate cash flow analysis, tax planning, risk management, career development, debt management, estate planning, and more.

Life Planning

I view money as a tool to help you achieve your great life, both now and in the future. I begin by understanding your life goals and then develop your plan to help you achieve them. Every plan and every recommendation is designed with one goal in mind: to get you to your goals.

Without Purpose, money has no meaning. If your goal is to increase your wealth, at some point it just becomes a number on a piece of paper.
— Joshua D. Escalante Troesh, CFP

Background & Experience

Your Adviser

Joshua Escalante Troesh is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with 20 year of financial services experience.

  • Tenured Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Ranked #1 Advisor Nationally on Investopedia Advisor Insights*

  • Quoted in Forbes, CNBC, Consumer Reports, U.S. News & World Report, and other media.

#1 Investment Advisor Nationally:

Joshua is currently the top-ranked financial advisor in the nation on Investopedia’s Advisor Insights platform based on audience votes of the helpfulness of answers to reader questions.


Joshua is a Tenured Professor of Business at El Camino College in Los Angeles where he heads up the Entrepreneurship program at the college and teaches Personal Finance courses.

Business Consultant:

Over the past 20 years as a business consultant and professor of entrepreneurship, Joshua has worked with hundreds of business owners; helping them to build and grow their businesses.

20 Years of Financial Services EXPERIENCE:

Joshua’s experience in financial services dates back to the late ‘90s when he was the Director of Marketing for an independent tech-investment research firm. He was also a Vice President for a federal credit union prior to the 2008 recession. These experiences offer a unique perspective on the events which have shaped the modern investing landscape. 

Financial Literacy Advocate:

Joshua founded and runs a financial literacy and education non-profit organization, Purposeful Finance. The organization offers financial educational seminars, free personal financial planning resources, and financial planning articles distributed through Apple News and it's own website.