Comprehensive Financial Planning

Services & Fees

Purposeful SP works with clients through an ongoing relationship to help you achieve your great life, both now and in the future. We work as your partner and fiduciary adviser in aligning your finances with your life goals.

Service & Fee Matrix

The Service Matrix will help you to understand what we do for our clients, how we are different from a traditional investment management firm, and how much you will pay for ongoing financial planning.

Annual Road map

The Road Map explains the experience of financial planning, from our first few meetings and first year to the ongoing process we use to help clients achieve their goals year after year.


  • We believe advisors should be fiduciaries legally required to work in the client’s best interest.

  • We believe in full transparency with fees.

  • We believe in minimizing or eliminating all conflicts of interest.

  • And we believe indirect or hidden compensation from third parties is a breach of our ethical duty to our clients.

As a firm, we do not sell insurance, accept referral fees, earn any commissions from product sales, or take any other form of kickback for the advice we give. This page is dedicated to providing you with our fees in a clear and up-front manner. Please feel free to ask any questions we haven’t answered.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

For Families

Financial Planning is a process, not a document. Purposeful SP primarily works with clients on an ongoing basis to offer comprehensive Financial Planning services that go beyond simply investments and retirement.

For clients who want Investment Management services, you have the option of handing off the busy-work for a low AUM fee. Combined, the Financial Planning fee and the Investment Management fee equals the industry average for wealth management services.

Business Advising and Financial Planning

For Business Owners

Purposeful SP partners with entrepreneurs to balance their business needs with their family needs. We provide comprehensive financial planning alongside a suite of specialized services for business owners including:

  • Annual Business Valuation Estimates

  • Business Tax Planning Integrated with Personal Taxes

  • Cash Flow Analysis & Profit-First Budgeting

  • Continuity and Transition Planning

  • Establishing & Advising on a 401(k)

  • Business Risk Analysis & Advising

  • And More


Get Started

We start with a free initial Discovery Meeting to answer your questions, explore your goals, and explain how financial planning works.