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Joshua Escalante Troesh, has been quoted in numerous publications including Forbes, US News & World Report, Investopedia, and The Street. He also writes regularly about personal finance and investing at our non-profit financial literacy organization: Purposeful Finance.

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What Does The Future Hold For Financial Advisors?

"While robo-advisors can build and rebalance portfolios, they cannot help a client balance competing goals, deal with the financial and emotional impacts of divorce or the death of a spouse, ..."

7 Investment Secrets You Must Know

"Ignore Rules of Thumb. One of the most dangerous things for a retail investor is the proliferation of rules of thumb. They harm you by ..."


How to Invest Unneeded Social Security Benefits

"If a retiree doesn't need their Social Security benefit, it is unlikely to be advantageous for them to invest it, either in stock or an insurance product. For the typical retiree who hasn't started receiving Social Security and is younger than age 70, delaying Social Security will provide a much greater . . . ."

Pros and Cons of Investing in Private Securities

"Private placements are inappropriate for the average investor due to their extreme risk and the fact they can lock up an investor's money for multiple decades," says Joshua Escalante Troesh, owner of Purposeful Strategic Partners, …

How to Choose Between Weighted Funds

"Equally weighted funds offer investors an opportunity to tilt their portfolio toward smaller companies rather than the few large companies that dominate most (cap-weighted) indexes, says Joshua Escalante Troesh, "Considering that over a third of the money in an S&P 500 cap-weighted index is invested . . . .”

No Right Time for Market Timing

"Economist William Sharpe calculated a market timer would have to be correct 74 percent of the time – on both the market decline and recovery – to outperform another investor who just lets their money sit in the S&P 500,"

How Investors Should Read a Dividend Cut

"Theoretically speaking, a reduction in dividends by itself does not change the return of an investment," says Joshua Escalante Troesh, founder, ...

7 Ways To Invest in Emerging Markets

"An investment in emerging markets is more susceptible to country or region-specific risk, and a fund which invests more narrowly could be hit harder ..."

7 Alternatives to Investing with Big Brokerages

"Many brokerage firms are set up as hybrids, being both brokers and RIAs. This allows the company to choose when they want to be legally required ..."

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SEC Commissioner Calls for Review as Buybacks Surge to $4.7 Billion a Day

"Over the long-run, the current stock buybacks will likely mean lower potential returns for investors," said Joshua Escalante Troesh, a professor of ...


Seller Financing for Business: How to Tell If It Could Work

"Compared to receiving a lump-sum payment for a business, seller financing can be an incredibly valuable financial planning tool" ...


Credit Monitoring vs. Credit Repair: Pros and Cons

“Credit monitoring is like the routine maintenance you do on your car. Credit repair is the major work that is needed after an accident or when your transmission goes out.” . . . .


How to Deduct Home Improvement Loan Interest on Your Taxes

“There are many circumstances where proper financial planning will discover a method to fund the improvement with lower-cost funding, even when the tax deduction factored in,”


What Are 7702 Plans and How Can They Be Used for Retirement?

"Life insurance is very important to a person's financial plan, but is a poor investment vehicle," said Joshua Escalante Troesh, founder and financial ...


36 HR Pros & Business Leaders Reveal the Best Employee Perks to Entice Top Talent

"A growing trend among employers is offering financial planning services for their employees from fiduciary financial advisers, called a Financial Wellness Program" ...