With the right plan, you can

Afford College

No matter where you are on the 'Paying for College' journey, we can provide you with guidance, analysis, and recommendations on finding your children's education.

College Investment Planning: 529 and Other Plans

Your dream of sending your children to college is attainable, and the earlier you start planning easier it is to achieve. With the right plan and enough time, investing for a child's college education can be a few hundred dollars a month - less than an auto-loan. No matter what age your children are, now is the right time to start planning and investing for their future.


  1. A detailed analysis of your current finances
  2. An inflation adjusted projection of the total cost of education
  3. Recommendation of tax advantaged investment options including 529 Plans, ROTH accounts, and more
  4. Recommendation of the specific investments to choose
  5. A recommended course of action to get your children through college

From $800 for a single-child plan

+ $100 for each additional child

College and Major Choice Planning

Helping your child choose the right college and major is often as difficult as it is important. This one decision will impact their life for decades, and has financial implications an eighteen year-olds just can't comprehend. Get an unbiased analysis of the cost of the colleges your child is considering and the differences in the financial impact of their choices.


    1. Analysis of the total net costs and risks of each college
    2. Projected post-gradation loan obligations
    3. The financial impact of student loans including:
      • Post-graduation lifestyle
      • Buying a home
      • Retirement planning
    4. Guidance on major choice including
      • Potential career options
      • Impact on post-graduation income
      • Combining majors, minors, and graduate studies
    5. A guided discussion with the student and the parent(s) on how to make this choice
    6. Recommendations on reducing the cost of college

      $500 for Up to four college options

      +$100 For each additional college

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      Our Process

      We start with a free initial discovery meeting to explore your goals and explain how financial planning can help achieve them. 

      From there, we develop a detailed plan including analysis of your current situation, explaining potential alternatives, and recommending a course of action.