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Business Coaching

Designed to help you grow your business, address key business issues, and establish & pursue your strategic direction. Coaching is offered in a format which provides a structured process for identifying the major challenges facing your business, as well as an organic process for dealing with business issues as they arise.

Your Business Coach

Joshua Escalante Troesh is a Tenured Professor of Business and a financial planner. As a business consultant and professor, he has helped hundreds entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses over the past two decades.

How Coaching Works

Each coaching session, we'll go over the biggest issues, challenges, and opportunities facing your business. We'll also work through a structured process, which will ensure every strategic aspect of your business is addressed on a regular basis. Business Coaching includes identifying and overcoming challenges related to all aspects of your business.


Topics Covered Include

  • Strategic vision & mission development

  • Goal identification and prioritization

  • Target market identification & research

  • Marketing, advertising, and public relations

  • Professional selling & sales management

  • Product & Pricing strategy and development

  • Financing and capital issues

  • Operations management

  • Tax planning for the business and the owner

  • Hiring, training, and other human resources issues

  • Business risk management

  • And more

$200 Per Month For Quarterly Coaching Sessions

$350 per month for Monthly Coaching Sessions

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Take the First Step

We start with a free initial Discovery Meeting to explore your goals and answer your questions about how business coaching can help your business.