Financial Literacy & Education

My Non-Profit

Purposeful Finance is a non-profit financial literacy and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the financial stability of the public. Purposeful Finance seeks to provide free and low-cost financial planning resources to targeted populations.

In 2016, professor Joshua Escalante Troesh began to help his current and former Personal Finance students continue their journey to financial stability and independence. Upon establishing Purposeful Strategic Partners, he transferred the articles and other educational assets into a 501(c)(3) charity in order to preserve the educational focus of Purposeful Finance.

Current Initiatives

Financial Literacy Seminars

Purposeful Finance offers low-cost financial literacy seminars for schools, religious organizations, non-profits, and small businesses. Educational programs are presented to provide unbiased information and help improve the financial lives of attendees. No sales pitches are allowed before, during, or after the seminars. 

If you are interested in providing financial literacy seminars or workshops at your organization, please contact us. A custom curriculum can also be created to meet the specific needs of your organization, employees, or constituents.

Potential Seminar Topics:

Funding Your Child's College Education

Taking Control of Your Retirement

Personal Finance for Engaged Couples & Newlyweds

Budgeting and managing debt

Career planning & entrepreneurship

Purposeful Finance Challenge

The Purposeful Finance Challenge is a free financial planning challenge designed to help individuals build their own comprehensive financial plan and move toward financial independence. 

Each week participants get an e-mail with a new task designed to move them one step closer to achieving their financial goals. The tasks are designed so they can be accomplished in about 15 minutes. 

Financial Literacy & Advocacy Articles

Articles are written to provide education on personal finance topics and help consumers advocate for themselves with the financial services industry.

For example: after the massive Equifax data breach, Purposeful Finance published step by step directions on how to opt out of the Equifax arbitration clause

Free Annuity Analysis & Reviews

No-Cost reviews and analysis of annuities are provided to inform consumers considering an annuity and help them make better decisions. Annuities are sold by commissioned sales agents using tactics that are often questionable and sometimes predatory. While annuities can be beneficial for very specific circumstances, they are less-than optimal investments and their downsides are rarely discussed during sales meetings (disguised as financial advice).