A Benefit for you and your employees

Financial Wellness

Offer your employees a highly desirable and inexpensive benefit by providing a workplace Financial Wellness Program. Programs have been shown to improve both employee wellness and the company's bottom line.

Purposeful SP manages and implements your Financial Wellness Program, which offers employees assistance with some of the most important issues they face; including paying off debt, managing student loans, budgeting, investing for their retirement, sending their kids to college, and much more.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Increased Productivity

  • Increased Employee Loyalty

  • Reduced Employer Health Insurance Costs

  • Improved Employee Recruitment & Retention

  • Reduced Absenteeism

  • Greater Utilization of Workplace Retirement Plans

Benefits for Your Employees

  • Reduced Stress

  • Greater Financial Stability

  • Improved Homelife

  • A More Secure Retirement

  • Less Debt & Increased Savings

  • Increased Satisfaction with Work

Financial Wellness Programs provide significant benefits for both employees and employers at a minimal cost when compared to other desired employee benefits. This combination of significant rewards and low cost is likely the reason "90% of large firms stated they will have a financial wellness program as a standard part of their benefits program within a decade" in a recent study.

Financial Wellness Programs increase company profitability through improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing employee loyalty. This profitability increase has been shown in studies from the Consumer Financial Protection BureauPrice Waterhouse Cooper, Ernst & Young, Towers Watson, and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch.

How the Program Works

Group Financial Literacy Workshops

Employees begin the program with group financial literacy and education, which can be scheduled during or after work hours.

One-on-One Financial Planning

Employees then recieve one-on-one financial coaching and advising to help them achieve their unique goals and improve their financial stability.

Specialized Group Seminars

Additional group seminars can also be added to address specific needs of the company and employees. These can include education on the 401(k) plan, health insurance advising, debt management, purchasing a home, and more.

Customized Curriculum

In addition to our standard Financial Wellness curriculum, the program can be customized to meet specific goals of the business, the employees, or the joint goals of an employer and a labor union.

Programs are customized for your individual company's needs.

Programs start as low as $2,000 plus $100 per employee per year for four hours of group education and 30 minutes of one-on-one advising per employee.

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Take the First Step

We start with a free initial Discovery Meeting to explore your goals and explain how a Financial Wellness Program can help achieve them.