Fiduciary and Fee-only Advice

Client First

At Purposeful SP, we believe everyone should have a financial adviser who puts the client first. That's why we chose to be fiduciary & fee-only financial advisers. Unfortunately, many 'advisers' operate as commissioned salespeople, rather than true advisers.

If you want to know if your adviser is truly a fiduciary, ask them to show you their Form ADV; the regulatory document fiduciary Registered Investment Advisers must file with the SEC. Here's ours.  


Fiduciaries are required to put their clients interest above their own, do what is best for their clients, and to fully disclose conflicts of interest. Currently, only Registered Investment Advisers are legally held to the fiduciary standard of putting their client first. As a Registered Investment Adviser, we chose to be held to the highest fiduciary standard in the industry. We are required to serve our clients' interests first in all aspects of planning and to fully disclose potential conflicts of interest. This isn't just a policy for us, it's a legal obligation.


It may sound crazy, but most 'advisers' can increase their pay by advising clients to invest in higher-cost investments that pay the advisor higher commissions. As fee-only financial planners, we only accept compensation directly from our clients for the advice we provide. Meaning we don't have the typical conflicts of interest which come from commissions, kickbacks, or other forms of hidden compensation. Our loyalty is to our clients.


Your life isn't just investments and retirement planning. We take an integrated approach which considers your entire financial picture. Planning goes beyond investments and retirement to incorporate all of your goals and includes cash flow analysis, tax planning, risk management, career development, debt management, estate planning, and more. 

Life Planning

Our one and only job is to help you achieve your goals. We view money as a tool to help you achieve your great life, both now and in the future. We begin our planning process by understanding your life goals, and then develop recommendations to help you achieve them. Every plan and every recommendation is designed with one goal in mind: to get you to your goals.

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Our Process

We start with a free initial discovery meeting to explore your goals and explain how financial planning can help achieve them. 

From there, we develop a detailed plan including analysis of your current situation, explaining potential alternatives, and recommending a course of action.