7 Ways to Invest in Emerging Markets

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Published June 20, 2018

Published June 20, 2018

Many financial professionals recommend investing more broadly with a diversified emerging market fund. Cherry-picking winners and losers is a delicate operation, fraught with the possibility of failure.

Joshua Escalante Troeh, financial planner and founder of Purposeful Strategic Partners in Rancho Cucamonga, California, believes that most investors should stick with a diversified emerging markets fund unless the investor has a large portfolio.

"An investment in emerging markets is more susceptible to country or region-specific risk, and a fund which invests more narrowly could be hit hard in a country-specific or regional downturn," he says.

Joshua Escalante Troesh is the President of Purposeful Strategic Partners and a tenured professor of Business at El Camino College. To explore working with him on your personal financial planning and investment advising needs, simply schedule a free Discover Meeting.