Fee-only & fiduciary

Comprehensive Financial Planners

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Your Financial Journey

Live your great life, both now and in the future. Whatever stage of your journey you're in, we can help get you to your goals.


Financial Planning and Investment Advice

Designed for Business Owners


As a business owner, you have unique needs which aren't addressed with typical financial planning and investment advice. Every personal financial planning decision must also consider the impacts on your business.

Make sure your financial adviser understands both financial planning and running a business. In addition to being a financial adviser, Joshua is a Tenured Professor of Business & runs the entrepreneurship program at El Camino College. Over the past two decades he has helped more than a thousand entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs start or grow their business.

Financial Planning Includes

  • Cash flow analysis and debt management

  • Business and personal risk management and insurance consulting

  • Advice for balancing investing in your business and investing in the market

  • Retirement planning including transferring & selling the business

  • Integrated business and personal tax planning

  • Business continuity and estate planning

Specialized Services


Employee Financial Literacy Programs


Improve employee loyalty and productivity by offering financial literacy programs at your company. Educational programs are offered through Purposeful Finance, our financial literacy organization.


Business Coaching


Grow your business with expert business coaching which integrates your personal finance needs with your company's financial, marketing, human resources, and operational needs.

Business Continuity Planning

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Planning to ensure your business continues even if you can't be at the helm. Business continuity planning preserves both your income and your most valuable asset.


Selling or Transferring Ownership


Transfer the ownership of your business with a plan which considers multiple factors including tax implications, retaining control, funding your retirement, and your other life goals.




Fee-only & Fiduciary Financial Planning

Designed for Entrepreneurs

Financial planning should be a profession rather than an industry - we believe that planners should act more like doctors than car salesmen. When you go to a doctor, you expect the best diagnosis for your health, not to be sold a product. The same should be true of your financial planner.


As fee-only financial planners, we only accept compensation directly from our clients. Meaning we don't have the typical conflicts of interest which come  from commissions, kickbacks, or other forms of hidden compensation. Our loyalty is to our clients. 


As a Registered Investment Advisor, we chose to be held to the highest fiduciary standard in the industry. We are required to serve our clients' interests first and to fully disclose potential conflicts of interest. This isn't just a policy for us, it's a legal obligation.


We take an integrated approach which considers your entire financial picture. Planning goes beyond investments and retirement to incorporate all of your goals and includes cash flow analysis, tax planning, risk management, business development, debt management, estate planning, and more. 

Life Planning

We view money as a tool to help you achieve your great life, both now and in the future. We begin by understanding your life goals, and then develop recommendations to help you achieve them. Every plan and every recommendation is designed with one goal: to get you to your goals.

Without Purpose, money has no meaning. If your goal is to increase your wealth, at some point it just becomes a number on a piece of paper.
— Joshua D. Escalante Troesh