Embarking on a New Career/Business

Start Strong

You’re graduating college, transitioning to a new career, or starting your first business. Establish your new life with foundational financial planning, career mentoring, and business planning.

College Graduates & New Careers

Graduating college or starting a new career presents an amazing financial opportunity most people only get once in their lifetime. Your income shoots up dramatically, but your expenses haven't caught up yet.

Build a financial plan which funds your dreams such as investing for retirement, traveling the world, and buying your first home.

New Entrepreneurs

Most business failures are due to financial planning issues unrelated to the business such as running out of personal savings for living expenses or taking on too much debt which strangels the business.

Proper financial planning and startup-consulting can help you avoid common pitfalls, giving your business a fair chance to succeed.

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Our Process

We start with a free initial discovery meeting to identify your goals and explain how financial planning can help achieve them. 

Choose Your Plan & Fees

Financial Coaching

Financial coaching offers guidance, analysis, and recommendations related to: Career management, cash flow analysis & budgeting, debt/credit management, life, property & liability insurance, and saving for major goals.

Initial Financial Foundation Plan

We begin with an initial plan to build a strong foundation including:

  • Goal exploration & prioritization

  • Cash flow analysis & budget optimization

  • Asset and debt analysis

  • Debt management plan


Fees for ongoing Financial Coaching are $100 per month with $560 to start. Couples are $630 to start but pay the same low $100 monthly fee.



    Financial Coaching Lite

    Designed specifically for recent college graduates, entry-level professionals, and those struggling financially; Financial Coaching Lite offers the same guidance, analysis, and recommendations at an affordable price point. We'll tackle your highest-priority goal each year with ongoing support throughout the year.

    • An annual coaching meeting and Purpose Plan
    • Monthly coaching e-mails and support

    Initial Purpose Plan

    We will begin with an initial plan to help get you started on your journey. Choose from a Budget Development & Optimization Plan or a Debt Management Plan.  


    Fees for ongoing Financial Coaching are $35 per month with $500 to start.