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Why do stock prices rise over time?

Your analysis is actually correct, in that cash flow and growth rates are constantly changing, and generally they are changing for the better. As a result, future cash flow increases at a faster rate than previously expected and the stock price is adjusted up due to these increasing cash flows. Because no one can predict the future, as new facts become apparent they changes the expectations of future cash flows. This, of course, assumes . . . .

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Is it too early to start a portfolio for my one-year-old child?

It is definitely not too early and I commend you for taking advantage of the incredible returns you can get by starting an account at one year old. I am assuming your child will not need the money for at least 18 years so a stock-heavy portfolio would be appropriate. I would even be comfortable with a 100% stock portfolio assuming . . . .

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What are the pros and cons of annuities versus stocks?

Despite what you might hear, there are some very good ‘pros’ in favor of annuities. But, there are also a lot of very big ‘cons’ with buying an annuity. Annuities provide a fixed income until you die, which is very attractive for retirees. With a fixed annuity, the fact the insurance company is taking. . . .

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