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Your Financial Journey

“Without Purpose, money has no meaning. If your goal is to increase your wealth, at some point it just becomes a number on a piece of paper.” We are your guide and partner in focusing your financial life to build your great life, both now and in the future.


Where are you on your financial journey?

Financial Life Planning

At each stage of your life’s journey there are specific challenges, pitfalls, milestones, and opportunities. We’ll guide you through them with an equal focus on planning for your future and living your great life today. Select your current stage to see how we can guide you from where you are to where you want to be:

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Your Assets Held at TD Ameritrade

Your Assets Held at TD Ameritrade

Embarking On a New Career or Business


You're graduating college, beginning your career, or starting your first business.

Setting Your Financial Foundation


You're looking to take control of your finances, eliminate debt, and build a solid financial foundation.

Building Your Wealth


You're focused on growing your retirement accounts, small business, real estate holdings, or other investments.

Safeguarding & Managing Your Wealth


You've built your wealth and are concerned with managing and protecting it for your retirement and living your legacy

Preparing for Retirement


You're approaching your retirement years and want to prepare for the second half of your financial journey.

Retiring & Living Your Legacy


You've begun the second half of your journey and are focused on living your great life and your legacy.

Our Philosophy


Comprehensive Financial Life Planning

Fee-Only & Fiduciary

We believe financial planning should be a profession rather than an industry - that planners should act more like doctors than car salesmen. When you go to a doctor, you expect the best diagnosis for your health, not to be sold a product. The same should be true of your financial planner.


As fee-only financial planners, we only accept compensation directly from our clients for the advice we provide. Meaning we don't have the typical conflicts of interest which come  from commissions, kickbacks, or other forms of hidden compensation. Our loyalty is to our clients. 


As a Registered Investment Advisor, we chose to be held to the highest fiduciary standard in the industry. We are required to serve our clients' interests first in all aspects of planning and to fully disclose potential conflicts of interest. This isn't just a policy for us, it's a legal obligation.


We take an integrated approach which considers your entire financial picture. Planning goes beyond investments and retirement to incorporate all of your goals and includes cash flow analysis, tax planning, risk management, career development, debt management, estate planning, and more. 

Life Planning

We view money as a tool to help you achieve your great life, both now and in the future. We begin our planning process by understanding your life goals, and then develop recommendations to help you achieve them. Every plan and every recommendation is designed with one goal in mind: to get you to your goals.

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Background & Experience

Your Planner

Joshua Escalante Troesh is a Certified Financial Planner and a Tenured Professor of Business. He has been featured and quoted in Forbes, Consumer Reports, U.S. News & World Report, and CNBC among others.


Joshua is a Tenured Professor of Business at El Camino College in Los Angeles where he teaches Personal Finance courses to college students and the broader community. He also heads up the Entrepreneurship program at the college.

20 Yeas of Financial Services EXPERIENCE:

Joshua was a Vice President for a federal credit union in 2008 and the Director of Marketing for an independent tech-investment research firm in the late ‘90s. These experiences offer a unique inside perspective on the events which have shaped the modern investing landscape. 


Joshua founded and runs a financial literacy and education organization, Purposeful Finance. The organization offers free and low-cost financial planning resources to the public and advocates for investor rights and a fiduciary standard for all financial advice.



Targeted plans for A single goal

One-Time Plans

Along your financial journey are major milestones marking not only life events but also significant financial challenges. If you are at one of these major milestones, we can help guide you through the financial challenges to achieve your goal. You’ll receive a comprehensive plan related to your goal, which will guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

Without Purpose, money has no meaning. If your goal is to increase your wealth, at some point it just becomes a number on a piece of paper.
— Joshua D. Escalante Troesh