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Can a Limited Liability Company (LLC) issue stock?

It is possible for an LLC to issue something similar to stock, called membership units. Just like stocks, membership units divide up the ownership of the company amongst the owners of the units, allow the owners to vote for the directors of the company, and give them rights to share . . . .

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How does one weigh the trade offs between bootstrapping a small business and seeking Venture Capital?

While the concerns over the slower bootstrap method are legitimate and should be considered, I still believe bootstrapping for as long as possible is the way to go for the vast majority of enterprises because of the significant potential downsides of VC and Angel funding. Ultimately the question you want to ask is if it is possible to build your business through bootstrapping considering the concerns you identified. If it is, then I recommend going with bootstrapping as long as you can. Here are potential challenges with getting funding:

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