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How does one weigh the trade offs between bootstrapping a small business and seeking Venture Capital?

While the concerns over the slower bootstrap method are legitimate and should be considered, I still believe bootstrapping for as long as possible is the way to go for the vast majority of enterprises because of the significant potential downsides of VC and Angel funding. Ultimately the question you want to ask is if it is possible to build your business through bootstrapping considering the concerns you identified. If it is, then I recommend going with bootstrapping as long as you can. Here are potential challenges with getting funding:

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Should I take a lower salary working for my family or pursue a higher paying job for a good company?

From your question, it seems like you truly think working for the bank is the right choice, and I agree. You are not the only person who is going through a situation like this, although it might feel that way. I am also a professor of entrepreneurship and at least once a year I have a student . . . .

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Are there any sure proof ways to safeguard my nest egg and rental business?

There are no sure proof ways to safeguard a nest egg, but there are things you can do which will improve your protections and increase the safeguards. Below are some general recommendations which can help you see what tools are available to you to protect your wealth based on the. . . .

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