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As someone who has only invested in long-term retirement funds, what short-term, non-retirement funds should I consider investing in?

Based on the goal of using the funds to pay off the mortgage at an unknown and flexible future date, you will want to invest the funds in a traditional taxable account. You can set one up at a discount brokerage company, with a financial adviser, . . . .

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If a private individual leases a property to a non-profit, is there an exemption for property taxes for the term of the lease?

Simply leasing a property to a non-profit will not, on its own, exempt a private individual from having to pay property taxes. Since property taxes are state taxes, the exemption will depend on the laws in your individual state. Non-profits are exempt from all state property taxes because. . . .

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Are there any sure proof ways to safeguard my nest egg and rental business?

There are no sure proof ways to safeguard a nest egg, but there are things you can do which will improve your protections and increase the safeguards. Below are some general recommendations which can help you see what tools are available to you to protect your wealth based on the. . . .

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