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Should we invest in stocks or pay off student loans with money gifted to us from our wedding?

I encourage the two of you not to consider this as an either/or situation, but instead use the money to provide for multiple goals. Focus on multiple goals to help you achieve both financial stability and a happier life . . . .

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I want to invest some of my savings with a long-term strategy to use to pay back the loans I will be taking out for school; what kind of investment strategies or accounts should I consider?

Before we discuss the investment opportunities for paying back the loans, start by talking with a financial planning specialist to identify additional financial aid opportunities to offset the schooling costs. Although it's great you . . .

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How should I get out of debt?

Other than the credit card debt, your other debt and your housing costs actually look quite good. If you can get the credit card debt paid off, you'll be doing very well financially. Your best bet is to make minimum payments on your student loans and your car loan and put everything you can . . . .

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