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Will my husband's financial advisor be able to learn about my personal credit card debt when reviewing our finances and joint tax return?

No, your financial adviser will only have access to information approved and provided by you and your husband. This information may come out if you and your husband were to submit your credit reports to the adviser for. . . .

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How should I get out of debt?

Other than the credit card debt, your other debt and your housing costs actually look quite good. If you can get the credit card debt paid off, you'll be doing very well financially. Your best bet is to make minimum payments on your student loans and your car loan and put everything you can . . . .

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Do Credit Cards Charge Interest on New Purchases If One Is Paying Off a Balance?

When credit cards carry a (any) balance they charge interest on the entire amount, even purchases, on a daily basis. So there is a difference, because the client in scenario B would accrue interest daily on the purchases they made that month, while in scenario A they are only accruing interest . . . .

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